Qualification for Membership:

Ju-jitsu associations (organisations or schools), this includes ju-jitsu related martial art associations … are invited to complete and submit an application to become a member of the World Council of Ju-Jitsu Organisations, and subject to providing satisfactory evidence of their standing within their country will be accepted initially for provisional membership.

Membership Application – On-line Form:  [Form also completed by current members to re-confirm or update details]

Once your questions are satisfied we invite your association to complete and submit the following application, which also provides for nomination of your associations representative …

Membership on-line Application and Delegate Nomination

Membership and Subscriptions – all amounts quoted in GBP £ (British pounds) :

Subscriptions detailed below cover the membership period to 30th March 2020 and include the 2019 WCJJO World Ju-Jitsu Championships.

Non-competing association ~ subscription: GBP £ 50.00

Competing association ~ subscription: GBP £ 250.00 ~ Plus an entry fee for each competitor of £ 50.00 entitling entry into all events at the 2019 WCJJO World Ju-Jitsu Championships for which the competitor qualifies.

Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or by post.  Details and Bank codes will be provided with your associations account or on request.


WCJJO CONSTITUTION  – amended World Congress September 2013 (PDF document 20 pages 219 kB) . . .

  WCJJO Constitution PDF