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Welcome to the WCJJO Executive Team

Michael McGarry

WCJJO Director (President - Treasurer)

The Amateur Martial Association was formed in 1971 and is the largest martial arts association in the UK with over 90,000 members. The AMA is recognised by the world’s leading martial arts organisations and governing bodies and is very active with a very influential presence on both the national and international martial arts stage. The AMA arranges coaching courses up national level, refereeing certificates and first aid courses as well as full accident, indemnity and public liability insurance for its members, instructors and clubs. More information can be found on their website www.amauk.co.uk

Gordon Griffiths

WCJJO Director (Vice President - Secretary-General)

Koshinryu Jujutsu Australia (KJA) has a history in Australia dating back to 1906.  KJA is a proud member of the Australian Jujitsu Federation (AJF) recognised by the Australian Government. The AJF is the governing body for jujitsu and related martial art: aikido, aiki jujitsu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, hapkido, and kenpo jujitsu.   More information on the history of jujutsu in Australia is available on the website of Koshinryu Jujutsu Australia

Michael Antonides

WCJJO Director

The United States Sports Jujitsu Alliance (USSJA) was officially formed to represent the World Council of Ju-Jitsu Organizations (WCJJO) in the United States and further support the growth and development of Sport Jujitsu. The USSJA operates as a not-for- profit organization, is non-style, and does not provide ranking. Our objective is to provide sport jujitsu enthusiasts with new opportunities to compete in quality local, national and international competition, in addition to experiencing the benefits and values of cultural exchange. The USSJA is also a supporting member of the United States Jujitsu Federation, and other associations supporting sport for all.  

Other Member Associations

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Robert Stines

Association Delegate to the WCJJO

USA – The American Sport Jujitsu League is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 2005, to include a specific competition format based on the techniques of jujitsu, but remains inclusive for participation by practitioners of any and all styles of traditional and non-traditional martial arts. We support the teaching, development, and promotion of Jujitsu in a competitive sport format, which is open to other disciplines of martial arts, without bias to race, creed, gender or religion. we also provide opportunities for ASJL members to earn a position on a national team to represent the United States in National and International Competition.

Prof Martin Dixon

Association Delegate to the WCJJO

Great Britain – The British Ju Jitsu  Association GB   …   

Cesar Negri

Association Delegate to the WCJJO

Argentina – Cesar Negri Style …

Oleg Kimaev

Association Delegate to the WCJJO

Canada – Combat Ju-Jitsu

Herman Kordom

Association Delegate to the WCJJO

  • 27- 71-745-3243
South Africa – South African Ju Jitsu Sport Confederation – Competitors having competed at past WCJJO championships in Winston Salem North Carolina 1990, Mar del Plata, Argentina 1992 and in Auckland New Zealand 1995. Now with around 750 students we are keen to restore the relationship with the WCJJO and develop the art and contribute to the growth of the organisation throughout Africa and the rest of the world.

Brian Walsh

Association Delegate to the WCJJO


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